Eric Goldman was quoted in The Washington Post and USA News Hub about Section 230’s impact on tech companies in the Bay Area. He was also interviewed on Bloomberg Radio California-based tech-privacy cases and in The New Republic about interpreting emojis in court cases. Professor Goldman was mentioned in Above the Law regarding a letter he led, also signed by 41 other privacy experts, concerning the shortcomings of the California Consumer Privacy Act. He was quoted in MercolaHealth Nut News, and Signs of the Times about Amazon’s responsibility for marketplace goods on their website;  in The Mercury, and two other outlets about his opposition to politicians’ use of Twitter and other social media platforms; and in Qrius about lawsuits against the creator of Fortnite for their sale of animations based on what celebrity’s call their “signature moves.” Goldman was also quoted in ABC 13 NewsKTVO, and 11 other outlets about California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly violating privacy laws.