Eric Goldman was quoted or mentioned in Hartford Business about trademark lawsuits; in The New Indian Express and 15 other outlets about the potential impacts of a law that would hold websites liable for sex trafficking; on ABC News and 40 other outlets about how the increasing use of emojis is leading to more court cases; in TechDirtdiscussing what CDA 230 protects companies from; in MediaPost regarding Fox News lawsuit against TVEyes; in Wall Street Journal and six other outlets about an employee fired for liking a tweet; in Buzzfeed News about the freedom that PragerU has as a web publisher; in TechDirt about a lawsuit filed by a man against Twitter for taking away his account, and in Wall Street Journal discussing Marriott’s decision to fire an employee to try and get back in China’s good graces. He also was mentioned in a New Orleans City Business op-ed on workplace harassment claims based on emojis.

Professor Goldman was quoted in a Mercury News story, which ran in 18 additional outlets, about Facebook’s data-collection dilemmas. His comments about a controversial sex-trafficking bill appeared in ThinkProgress, National Journal, and numerous other publications. Communications Daily quoted his blog post about a complaint against YouTube being thrown out. Quartz quoted him in a story about what the FTC is going to ask Facebook about whether it violated an agreement with the Commission.