Eric Goldman was quoted by Media Post about lawsuits Amazon is facing; in ABC7 NewsKPLA-FM,  Ride the LightningJDSupra and other outlets about emojis in court cases; in a story by Zero Hedge News and discussing legal issues for “Sugar Daddy” ads purporting to help young women pay for college; in BusinessDay and 27 other outlets about a new, politically unpopular bill to force companies to prove neutrality before they can be shielded from liability for what is posted on their sites; and in  The Entrepreneur FundThe Advisory Board Company, and eight other outlets about the sale of fake nutritional supplements.  He was quoted in The Independent and 11 other outlets about tech companies and antitrust laws; in an op-ed on The New York Timesabout new bills being considered for big tech companies; in Ars TechnicaKQED and 11 other outlets about Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard suing Google; and in Yahoo! Finance and six other outlets on the importance of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.