Eric Goldman spoke to New York Times Media and Politico Magazine about the limits of free speech online as a consequence of revenge porn. He was quoted in MediaPost about the letter he and 40 other privacy experts signed to express concern about California’s new privacy law. He also was quoted in Communications of the ACM about potential privacy issues regarding technology that detects guns in public places; in SF Gate and San Francisco Chronicle about the privacy concerns associated with Facebook’s Research app; and in Daily News Media and Politico about Kamala Harris’ fight against cyber exploitation. He was quoted in Apple InsiderLegaltech News, and three other outlets about the ambiguity of emoji and how to interpret them in court. MediaPost quoted him about proposals to expand California’s privacy law. Professor Goldman was quoted in The VergeMSNFortune, and 31 other outlets about interpreting emoji in court cases. His research was also mentioned in The Washington PostSFGateThe Columbian, and 13 other outlets. He was also quoted in La Nacion about governmental control over news platforms. His research was also mentioned on WTTVKFBKKFI, and six other outlets about how many court cases used emoji as evidence in 2018. Goldman also spoke to Paper Blog about viruses a computer can get from visiting child pornography sites. He was also quoted in Sebastian Gogola’s InterestsThe Verge, and F3 News about his skepticism when it comes to replacing human reviewers with AI technology.