Eric Goldman was quoted in a MarketWatch columnThe Washington Times, and seven other outlets about Justice Department charges against a former Google employee accused of stealing trade secrets. Goldman also was mentioned in a Media Post article about Google suing a Nebraska resident; in BroadbandBreakfast and InsideSources about Section 230 legal issues; in a Los Angeles Times article and two other outlets about online marijuana service Weedmaps; on Media Law Prof Blog about his article on a UK White Paper “Online Harms”; in The Business Journal and 250 other outlets about tech companies struggling with stricter regulations; in F3News about controversies over changes in YouTube’s content policies; and on WSB-AM Radio about emojis becoming issues of legal contention. He was also quoted in an Associated Press story that ran in  Legal News and 35 other outlets, about contradictory obligations for big tech companies and social media platforms for internet content on their sites. He also was mentioned in The Times of Northwest Indiana about changes to Section 230; on Bloomberg Radio and in Media Post discussing FTC fines for alleged YouTube violations of children’s privacy laws; on BBC discussing everal other investigations into big tech companies; in Fortune about companies’ frustrations with Google search ad practices; in Morningstar and five other outlets about Google being subpoenaed for its ad business; in International Business Times about an FTC antitrust investigation of Facebook; and in Media Post about a Good Day Philadelphia news anchor suing several companies for using an image of her.