Eric Goldman was quoted on Sebastian Gogola’s Interests BlogGizmodo UK, and MSN UK about the complexity involved with court orders requiring Google to remove search results, such as a woman who was wrongly accused of being a “homewrecker.” Goldman’s previous comments about doctors suing patients for defamation ran on Legal Reader, and he was quoted on Media Post and Capital Public Radio about his concerns with new privacy laws in various jurisdictions. He spoke to SFGate, the Washington Postand seven other outlets about a new feature on Yelp, and to Media Post on the White House’s argument that POTUS’ twitter account is private. Goldman’s research paper, “Surveying the Law of Emojis,” was mentioned on the Law Professors Blog Network, and he spoke to VentureBeat about fake videos and to MediaPost and Vox about social media sites banning certain users. 

Professor Goldman was quoted in Today NGThe Straits Times and over 42 other outlets about Trump’s widely believed false claims that social media sites censor conservative posts. His comments about Trump’s threats to regulate Google ran in The Washington PostNDTV, AFP,  IOLNDTVNews18The Nation,  KOGO Radio and dozens of additional outlets. Goldman’s recent article Recent Developments Regarding the California Consumer Privacy Act, was mentioned in JDSupraLexology, and Mondaq. He also spoke to Impact Lab about fake videos, and his comments from a Wired article last month were mentioned in a story in The Hillabout the Communications Decency Act.