Ellen Kreitzberg spoke with NBC Bay Area News about interviews former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes gave to CNBC as prosecutors continued to try to convince the jury she was in charge at Theranos and calling the shots.

“I think the TV clips give the jurors an opportunity to see Elizabeth Holmes in her element,” professor Ellen Kreitzberg of Santa Clara University School of Law said. “They get to see her as the in-charge CEO, as the confident investment individual, and that’s a very different image they’re portraying now in the courtroom.”

“It could get the jury to see this woman is able to, with a very straight face and very impassioned argument, make statements she knows are false,” Kreitzberg said.

Professor Kreitzberg also spoke with KPIX news about how the billionaire Devos family was part of an exclusive group of billionaire investors who were hand-picked by Holmes to back her startup, according to testimony.