Devin Kinyon and Laura Norris JD ’97 were quoted in a Daily Journal article about the future of the bar exam, and possible new ways of assessing competency among law graduates

“I would love for us to adopt some apprenticeship model where students essentially phase into practice,” Kinyon said. “Students would go and learn under the guidance of people who are trained, both as good attorneys, but also as good educators in practice.”

For Laura L. Norris JD ’97, director of the Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic and assistant clinical professor at Santa Clara Law, the exam should expand its scope and also test students on empathy and interaction with clients.

“The concept of empathy is an important thing,” Norris said. “But how do we measure it? I think it causes people’s brains to explode.”


Laura Norris

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Associate Clinical Professor; Co-Director, High Tech Law Institute; Director, Entrepreneurs' Law Clinic; Director, Tech Edge J.D. Program; Faculty Advisor, ChIPs Women in Tech Law at SCU

Devin Kinyon

Associate Clinical Professor; Director, Office of Academic & Bar Success