Deep Gulasekaram was interviewed on KQED (Part 2 and Part 3) about immigration and deportation laws. He was quoted in numerous San Francisco Chronicle articles: about Trump’s immigration plans, about the US Department of Homeland Security’s raid on sanctuary city Santa Cruz; about the confusion surrounding conflicting executive orders, and about how expedited removals of undocumented immigrants creates a climate of fear. He was quoted in a Bloomberg News article about legal tools available to Trump for his travel-ban executive order, which also ran in other outlets including the Asheboro, North Carolina Courier-Tribune. He discussed deportation guidelines with  KQED Radio and immigration court backlogs for a story that ran on WUNC, KUOW, and 83 other outlets.  He was also quoted in the Mercury News and Emergency Management about the federal government’s information deficit and how that will affect immigration enforcement — particularly in sanctuary cities.