Our Cases

NCIP’s individual case work is the core of our work. Since its founding in 2001, NCIP has attained justice for 23 innocent people who collectively have spent more than 297 years in prison. We currently have approximately 50 open and pending cases and receive approximately 2000 letters a year about new or existing cases. To learn more about the types of cases we take and how to apply for help, click here. To learn more about each of our exonerees, click on their name below.

Albert Johnson

Armando Ortiz

Bismark Dinius

Darwin Crabtree

Domingo Anaya Bustos

Ed Easley

Franky Carrillo

George Soliotes

Glenn Payne

Jeffrey Rodriguez

Jimmie Dick

John Stoll

Johnny Williams

Ken Foley

Larry Pohlschneider

Martin Laiwa

Mashell Bullington

Maurice Caldwell

Obie Anthony

Peter Rose

Ron Reno

Ron Ross

Zavion Johnson

David Losoya