Mission Statement:

The primary focus of the La Raza Law Student Association is to recruit, support and graduate Latino students. We strive to fulfill these ends by establishing a sense of community among Latino/a students through academic, professional, social, political, and cultural support. We strive to build enduring bridges with our local communities as well as foster lasting relationships with professional organizations. We believe this vision enriches the entire Santa Clara University community.


La Raza is an inclusive law student based organization that holds bi-monthly meetings, socials, and/or community service events reflecting the needs of its members who wish to make positive substantive contributions to the study of law at Santa Clara University, and the legal community. Through various guest speakers, community projects, and legal education outreach, La Raza highlights the importance of diversity on campus and within the entire legal profession.

La Raza Law Student Association Board 2018-2019:

Presidents: Represent La Raza Law Student Association and oversee all events.
Maria Palomares & Orlando Villa

External VP: Participate in external events, like La Raza Lawyers meetings.
Rigoberto Lua

Internal VP: Organize internal events, like La Familia Dinner.
Vince Farouq Ghazzawi

Treasurer: Keep records of expenditures and conduct fund raising.
Bianca Garcia

3L Academic Resource Chair: Create and manage outline bank, as well as other academic resources.
Maricela Lopez-Zavala

Secretary: Maintain order in meetings and keep meeting records.
Sharon Morales

Mentorship Chair: Oversees the mentorship program.
David Doyle

Community Service Coordinators: Organize service opportunities, like the Bridge to Justice legal clinics.
Cynthia Anaya & Linette Salcedo

Community Outreach Chairs: Organize panels for awareness on legal issues and networking.
Gaby Gonzalez & Osvaldo Otamendi

Marketing Chairs: Create law school newsletters and advertise for events.
Pedro Naveiras & Felipe Romero

Faculty Advisor:

Francisco Rivera Juaristi, Associate Clinical Professor and Director, International Human Rights Clinic: FJRivera@scu.edu and Karla De La Torrekdelatorremora@scu.edu

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Facebook Group (includes event updates)

Outline Bank (password protected)

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La Raza Board