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Mission Statement:

The goal of the Family Law Society is to place like-minded individuals together to build friendships and strengthen our network. As a society, we hope to provide opportunities for those with a passion for family practice. On the other hand, we aim to educate individuals who would like to learn more about what it means to be a family law practitioner. Most importantly, we want to have a good time with other students with an interest in the place where families and the law collide.


During the academic year we will provide on-campus events, including lunchtime speakers. Additionally, we hope to organize happy-hours with SCU alumni practicing family law once per semester. We would also love to serve as a resource for students as they search for family law employment opportunities in Santa Clara County by connecting Santa Clara Law students with practitioners in the area.

2022-2023 Officers:

Co-President Sylvia Vizcardo Sanchez
Co-President Daphne Wilson
Vice President Jack O’Hollearn
Treasurer Sarah Reed
Co-Communications Chair Angela Delhonte
Co-Communications Chair Kaya Philapil
Co-Occupational Chair Rachel Davis
Co-Occupational Chair Leah Klassen

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