Dispute Resolution Student Organization

Student Life

Dispute Resolution Student Organization’s (DRSO) mission is to increase student awareness, provide education opportunities, and advance the use of non-litigious means of resolving disputes through guest speakers, presentations, training sessions and competitions. DRSO also keeps students informed of dispute resolution opportunities in the local community and encourages students to take advantage of them.

DRSO’s programs enable students to learn, practice and explore any means of resolving disputes outside of a courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution typically includes negotiation, mediation, arbitration and restorative justice. We seek to engage students, faculty, and the community in a range of activities to promote education and exploration of the field of Dispute Resolution.

2019-2020 Officers:

President Yong Ra yra@scu.edu
Co-Vice President Margaret Winchester mwinchester@scu.edu
Co-Vice President Jordan Conahan jconahan@scu.edu
Treasurer Ben Katzenberger bkatzenberg@scu.edu

Active Member Organization, Student Bar Association 2019-2020