Mabie Law Library COVID-19 Info FAQ’s


When will the library reopen?

The law library is currently open to Santa Clara Law students, faculty, and staff.

Can I study at the library?

Santa Clara Law students can study at the library. Your Access card will let you in the building.

Can items be checked out from the library?

Books can be checked out in person by current SCU students and faculty.

How do I contact a librarian for research help?

You can contact a librarian at, Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm.

How do I get access to Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg, CALI and other databases?

Contact the research librarians for access at

Can we return books that were kept from semesters ago?

Yes, you can return books to the library. If your card no longer works at the Charney Hall entrances, please call the law library at (408) 554-4072.

Can Courtesy card holders renew their membership or use the library?

Not at this time.