General Information



Past Exams

The Santa Clara University Law Library makes SCU law school exams available in several places – both in print and online. Previous law school exams in print are available for limited circulation in the library either in the Stauffer Reserve Room or at the Circulation Desk. Selected exams since 1990-present are also available on ClaraNet ( [password required]. Please check with either Circulation or Reference Staff if you need the password.

Faxing Services

Library patrons can send outgoing faxes for a fee at the Circulation Desk. Fees are based on both the number of pages sent and the geographic location of the fax destination.  There is no fee for faxes sent to a toll free number.

Courtesy Cards

Licensed attorneys who wish to access the Santa Clara University Law Library must purchase a Courtesy Card at the Circulation Desk. Access and borrowing privileges will vary depending on the type of Courtesy Card purchased. The library may restrict library services and resources for Courtesy Card holders.

Course Reserves

The Circulation staff processes Course Reserve requests from faculty. Instructors and organizations must fill out and submit a Course Reserve Form each time they request material for Course Reserve. Course Reserve materials are located at the Circulation Desk and are organized on the shelf alphabetically by instructor or organization name. Course Reserve materials circulate for either 2 or 24 hours.  All patrons must use two-hour material in the library. You can search for Course Reserve items online by either course name or instructor name. Please note that not every instructor places material on Course Reserve and some instructors may instead post documents on their course pages on Camino. For more information, please read Locating Course Reserves.

Conference Rooms

The Santa Clara University Law Library  has a total of eight conference rooms which are available to law students for group study. There are four conference rooms located on the first floor of the law library and four conference rooms located on the second floor. The first floor rooms are smaller –  three rooms can accommodate groups of four students, and the fourth room can accommodate eight students. The conference rooms on the second floor range in size from accommodating groups of six to ten students, and the largest room can accommodate twenty people. The library assigns rooms based on group size and availability. Patrons can reserve rooms at the Circulation Desk or by calling (408) 554-4072.  All conference rooms are equipped with a whiteboard, and at least one network connection. The second floor conference rooms each have a television, VCR/DVD player, and network connections. For more information, please view our Conference Room Policy.

Printing Services

Santa Clara University uses SmartPrint to manage on-campus printing. Documents are first sent to a server that can be accessed using the computer located in the first floor copy room. Students must swipe their Access Card through the card reader to access the print queue where they can select their document and release it to the printers in the copy room. Money is deducted from a SmartPrint account issued to students each semester. Students who use their allotted SmartPrint funds before the semester ends must add value to a flex account on their Access Card before the system will allow any further printing. Please note that left over SmartPrint funds are not carried over to the next semester.  Report any problems with the printers or SmartPrint system to the Circulation Desk.  Students may set up their personal laptops to send documents to the SmartPrint system by following these directions.

Photocopying Services

Photocopiers are located in the second floor copy room, Stauffer reserve room next to the Circulation Desk, and in the Bannan student lounge. All photocopiers are equipped with card readers and require either an Access Card or VIP Card with flex account funds. The price per copy is eight cents. VIP Cards can be purchased for a $3.00 fee, and value can be added to a flex account on either card using the Value Transfer Station located near the entrance to the library. Law faculty and staff may also use the photocopiers without a card if they have an authorized copy code. Authorized student members of certain journals and organizations can check out a copy card at the Circulation Desk. If you have questions about the photocopiers, ask the Circulation Desk staff.


Staplers, paper clips, a paper cutter and a three-hole punch are located in the copy rooms, Stauffer, and at the Circulation Desk.  Students can obtain additional supplies, such as free earplugs, blank floppy disks, and rubber bands, from the Circulation Desk for little or no cost.

Value Transfer Station and Flex Accounts

Patrons can deposit cash funds to a flex account on their Access or VIP Card and check balances using the Value Transfer Station located near the entrance to the library. Patrons without a card may purchase a VIP Card from the Value Transfer Station for $3.00. You can use flex accounts for a variety of transactions across campus, including photocopies, food, and bookstore purchases. Patrons can also deposit funds to a flex account online using a credit card by clicking here.  Report any problems with flex accounts to the Access Office.

Lost and Found

Patrons can claim lost materials at the Circulation Desk by giving a short description of the lost item. Patrons should also contact Campus Safety at (408) 554-4441 and the Information Desk in Benson at (408) 554-4000 if lost items are not located at the

Circulation Desk 

Please note that the law library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items and discourages patrons from leaving personal belongings unattended.

Computer Labs

The law library has two computer labs, and access is limited to SCU law students.  The Toso lab is located on the first floor, and the Ruffo lab is on the second floor by the conference rooms.  Students must use their Access Cards to enter the labs, and they must use a current Network Account to log on to the computers in the labs.  Consult SCU’s Information Technology web page for information on Network Accounts.

Study Carrels and Tables

Study carrels and tables are located throughout the library. Most carrels are equipped with study lights, network port connections and electrical sockets for laptop use. Most tables located along the walls of the library are also equipped with network port connections and electrical sockets.

Library Network

The library is fully wireless. To configure your laptop for wireless use, review these directions. Students without a wireless card can access the campus network by connecting their laptop to network ports located in study carrels or along the wall of the library using a network cord. Network cords can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk. Network access from personal laptops is restricted to currently enrolled SCU students, faculty and staff.  Report any network or hardware problems to via Law Help Desk online ticket system.

Restrooms and Water Fountains

Restrooms and a water fountain are located on the first floor around the corner from the Toso computer lab and on the second floor near the conference rooms.


Reporting Building and Patron Problems

We are committed to making your experience in the library a pleasant one. Please report any problems you may encounter with the building, equipment or other patrons to staff at either the Circulation or Reference Desk. We will make every effort to resolve the issues in a timely manner.

Date of Last Update:  November 3, 2016