Document Delivery Policy and Procedure



Make your request using our fill-in web form.


  • Full-time law faculty, deans & law directors (everyone who has a law library liaison assigned to them)


  • To request articles or documents for your research or classes
  • Delivery format options appear on the form, and our default delivery format will be electronic documents delivered via email
  • Our cost recovery policy for articles and photocopying is a work in progress
  • To request books for your research or classes
  • We will retrieve books from our collection, Loyola Hall storage and Orradre library
  • We may use the Link+ service to find your book, (you can use it too)
  • We may also request books from other libraries using Inter-library Loan, (you can also make these requests yourself)
  • All books are checked out to your library record, you will continue to be responsible for fines and missing items


  • Fill in the form
  • Please indicate any special format needs
  • Include your deadline and contact information in the event we need more information or encounter challenges in acquiring the materials
  • ONE item per form please
  • You may submit the form electronically, or print it and fax or deliver it to the Reference Desk (our fax: (408) 554-5318)
  • The Reference staff will use their expertise to find your materials as quickly and economically as possible


  • We strive to fill document requests within two business days
    • Requests are processed in the order they are received
    • The location of the resource may add time or cost to the job
  • Large jobs or rush requests should be discussed with the reference librarians (408) 554-4452, or your library liaison.
  • Requests for books available at SCU libraries are filled within 1 business day
  • Requests for books from other libraries may take 5-10 business days