Examsoft Examplify was developed by Examsoft and is part of an end-to-end assessment management platform. Examsoft Examplify is an application that works similar to a word processor but with specialized security and backup (saves your exam data every 60 seconds to your local storage) features. If for any reason, your computer freezes up and need to be restarted, Examsoft Examplify will relaunch and resume from the last point before the computer malfunctioned. When exiting your exam, Examsoft Examplify will do a final save onto your local hard drive before encrypting the exam file. Examsoft Examplify will then look for an Internet connection to upload your exam file. After you have successfully uploaded your exam, you will receive a notification from Examsoft. Alternatively, you can check your exam upload history on Examsoft‘s site to verify that your exam has been uploaded and processed. Need to get the status of Examsoft backend systems? Click Here.

Deciding on the minimum laptop or computer specifications for Law School and for Examsoft’s exam taking software, then click here?

For In-class exams, Examsoft Examplify can be these three modes:

  • “Secure” mode, Examsoft Examplify will fully take over your entire OS desktop and prevent you from accessing the Internet along with any applications on your desktop. You are essentially locked into Softest until you have successfully exited the application.
  • “Semi-Secure” mode is the same as un-secure mode where you’re able to access your notes from your computer hard drive and use word processor. However, Internet access will be blocked. Your internet access will be enabled again when you exit Examplify to successfully upload your exam.
  • “Unsecure” or open mode is a completely open exam. When launching Examsoft Examplify, you can minimize Examplify screen size, use the internet, open up notes, etc.

Getting ready for Law School Exams

  • Always read the Official Announcements regarding Law School Exams. These notifications will include important instructions to download your midterm and/or final exam templates.
  • Do not wait until the last moment to download your exam template files.
  • Bring your access ID card or a valid form of identification so that proctors can verify who you are.
  • For some Charney Hall classrooms, there are no power outlets at the desk so MAKE SURE YOUR LAPTOP BATTERY IS AT FULL CHARGE!
  • If you’re taking an exam(s) using your laptop computer, make sure that your computer is in good working order. Per exam guidelines, you will not get extra time for computer problems.
  • Before every exam semester (Fall, Spring, Summer), make sure to check your Examsoft Portal to make sure you can log in to verify your registration.
  • One or two weeks before exams, TAKE THE MOCK PRACTICE EXAM to see if any issues show up on your computer. If you find any issues, contact Examsoft or stop by Law Technology Help Desk in Charney 111 for consultation.
  • Make sure to disable or uninstall any apps that might cause Examsoft Examplify to fail before, during, or after your exams. See this FAQ.
  • During exams, if you experience any computer issues, raise your hand for help. Per exam guidelines, students with computer issues will need to hand write your exam if the issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner.
  • For remote exams that have the EXAM ID feature enabled then make sure you have a webcam and microphone (no headphones)

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