KGACLC Workshops for 1Ls

Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center

Consumer Rights Workshops: Beginning in their second semester, first year volunteer law students are trained to give workshop presentations to groups of underrepresented individuals, most of them economically-disadvantaged, with limited English skills, or not highly educated — favorite targets of unscrupulous sales tactics by local car dealerships! The students work under the close supervision of an experienced consumer attorney, who attends each workshop with the students. The workshops address such issues as how to avoid paying too much or getting stuck with a “lemon,” dealing with the high-pressure car salesperson, and understanding a consumer’s legal rights and obligations in car purchases. This is an opportunity for first year law students to practice presentation skills, gain knowledge in an important consumer area and give back to the community.

Workers’ Rights

These workshops, staffed by first year law students who are trained and supervised by an employment attorney, teach young people who were soon to enter the workforce about their employment rights. Subjects such as the minimum wage law, overtime, dangerous work conditions, and rights while on the job are included. Students research an area of the law, prepare a presentation on that subject and then present the material to students in schools, etc. under the direct supervision of an employment attorney.


The Law Center is currently offering a Landlord-Tenant workshop to various community groups. We have received many requests from teachers in “English as a Second Language” (ESL) courses for these workshops. Expanding to the landlord-tenant area, in addition to other areas of the law, depends on funding and attorney availability.