As always, the Alexander Community Law Center continues to be the merging point for the many communities it serves. Every semester, the practical experience that law students gain here gives them the tools they need to launch successful legal careers upon graduation. At the same time, our clients receive legal assistance of the highest caliber thanks to our students and our regionally and even nationally-recognized attorneys. It’s truly a win-win situation for all.

Yet, we recognize that our success is due in great part to our continued relationship with students and alumni. We are gratified by the great number of alumni who remain in touch with us and eventually become our volunteer attorneys, ready to pass the baton to the next generation of Law Center graduates.

Please help the Community Law Center to remain the vibrant organization that it has always been.

We need your support…

If you are an alum, we urge you to call or write to make a one-time contribution in any amount. Of course, you can also go on-line to do just that.

However, in order to help us ensure a steady in-flow of cash, you may choose to automatically set up your credit card for the same contribution level every month. Dianne Blakely ( will be happy to safely take your credit information if you call her at (408) 288-7030, Ext. 250.

Join the many alumni who have joined our campaign so far!