Every year, Santa Clara Law welcomes international students who are here to pursue an LL.M. degree or as exchange students from their law schools abroad. They come to further their education and to learn about the American legal system, and they always enrich our law school. This year, however, three of our international students did something extraordinary that changed the life of another person forever.

Three students, Wenling Ma from China and Johanna Salzle and Felix Welzmuller from Germany, took on the pro bono representation of a client appealing to the Board of Immigration Appeals following removal proceedings. The client, Andy, was seeking asylum in the United States, after having been detained, interrogated, and physically abused by the police in his country. The students, under Professor Evangeline Abriel’s supervision, communicated with Andy, researched the law, familiarized themselves with the history and current events of Andy’s country, and wrote a compelling brief. In January, 2020, they received the Board’s decision in the case, finding that Andy qualified for asylum. Thanks to their hard work, Andy has found safety in the United States. Santa Clara Law congratulates Andy on his success, and we are so proud of the students’ outstanding work.

Johanna Salzle, Wenling Ma, and Professor Evangeline Abriel

Left to right: Johanna Salzle, Wenling Ma, and Professor Evangeline Abriel