1. Why take this class?
    In the words of our students: “The IHRC will be the highlight of your law school career!” Seriously.
  2. What do students do in this course?
    • Learn to practice law.
    • Develop practical and transferable professional skills.
    • Litigate and advocate locally and internationally.
    • Research. Write. Investigate. Figure things out. Talk to actual people. Submit briefs. You know, do what lawyers do!
  3. “Human rights.” That’s like, the U.N., right?
    Yes, but it’s also the Flint water crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement, environmental racism throughout the U.S., the wage gap in Santa Clara county, homelessness in Mountain View, torture, Guantánamo, the death penalty, freedom of speech, and any other social justice issue you care about right here at home.
  4. What if I don’t want to practice international law?
    Nobody’s perfect. But even corporate law firms require you to have legal experience and professional skills such as client communication, fact­finding, legal research and writing, oral communication, professionalism, project management, and teamwork. Here’s where you can get those skills! And you can put all that on your résumé!
  5. Do students get to travel?
    Yes. IHRC students frequently travel to meet our clients, investigate situations of human rights abuse, and participate in various international forums, including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, D.C., and the United Nations. Oh yeah, we’ve also gone to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Geneva, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, and… Sacramento!
  6. Is the course available for 2Ls, 3Ls, part-time, and LLM students?
  7. Are there any prerequisites?
  8. When is the course offered?
    Fall and Spring. (We highly recommend Santa Clara Law’s Summer Abroad Programs – e.g. Costa Rica! Geneva!)
  9. Does this course meet the skills requirement? The public international law certificate? The social justice certificate?
    Yes. Yes. And Yes!
  10. What is the student/faculty ratio?
    8:1. (Can you say “personalized letter of recommendation”?)
  11. Will this course help me get a job?
    Yes! (Tip: Any clinical experience will help you get a job.)
  12. Awesome! Where do I sign up?
    Submit an online application and receive a permission number.

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