Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact Speaker Series

All events will be streamed and student blog summaries prepared after the event.

Fall 2018 Events

A Classroom-based Approach for De-biasing Data
10/29, 12-1pm
Location: Lucas Hall, 126


Professor Sanjiv Das, Professor of Finance and Business Analytics, Santa Clara University

Subramaniam Vincent, Tech Lead, Trust Project, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University

Join us as Professors Das and Vincent and their students describe how they used the classroom to explore the tradeoffs between fairness and accuracy using big datasets from the financial, consumer, or criminal justice sphere, rich with both prediction possibilities and ethical concern. Read more here.

Susan HelperWho Profits from Industry 4.0?
November 12, 2018, 12:00 – 1:00pm
Room 106, Charney Hall

Speaker: Sue Helper, Case Western

Join us as Professor Helper presents framework linking organizational and industry architectures to value creation and value capture, and applies it to the case of Industry 4.0, the coordinated use of digitally-enabled technologies like robots, sensors, and AI. Register online.

Past Events – Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact Speaker Series

How to Do Good AI and Data Science (by living your Ethics), DJ Patil, 9/2018

Algorithms for Criminal Justice Reform, Camelia Simoiu, 4/2018

Beyond Cambridge Analytica: The Business, Technology, and Law of Digital Deceit and Precision Propaganda, Dr. Dipayan Ghosh, 4/2018

The Future of AI, Ed Felten, 1/2018

Minimizing AI Risks: An Agile Ethical/Legal Model for International and National Governance of AI, Wendell Wallace, 2/2018

Curated by Professor Colleen V. Chien