Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact and Equity Series

Spring 2022 events

AI, Equity and Law, A Federal Perspective

4/20/22, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (virtual)

Guest Speaker: Mutale Nkonde, Founder and Executive Director, AI for the People


Mutale NkondeThe AI, Equity, and Law series welcomes Mutale Nkonde to discuss her views on pending AI Federal Legislation and how her organization, AI for the People, works with technology experts to understand how AI systems affect Black lives and uses popular culture to educate Black audiences about the social justice implications of AI. Nkonde will also discuss her work on the recently introduced “Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2022,” a landmark bill that seeks to bring new transparency and oversight of software, algorithms, and other automated systems that are used to make critical decisions about nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives. The impact of AI will touch the lives of millions of underrepresented Americans in the coming years. It is imperative that we address the critical ethical and policy questions surrounding AI technology to ensure this impact is equitable.

AI, Equity and Law, A Local Perspective

4/25/22, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Guest Speaker: John Paul Farmer, former CTO, New York City; Former White House Senior Advisor


John Paul FarmerThe AI, Equity, and Law series will host John Paul Farmer, former CTO for the City of New York, as he discusses how the city’s recently launched AI Strategy sets the Big Apple on the path to make the most of AI and build a better society for all. Farmer will explore how New York City, through its AI Strategy, is using AI to better serve residents by building AI know-how within government, creating city governance and policy around AI, and promoting equitable access to opportunities.

Since 2018, the AI for Social Impact series has hosted talks from leading thinkers on the impact of artificial intelligence on society. This year, we are centering the question of equity and the law – law and policy, are being used to advance the equitable uses of artificial intelligence and algorithms. Join us at this series of remote conversations, the highlights of which are summarized in the accompanying blog series on Medium, about how AI can be harnessed for the greatest positive social impact.

Curated by Colleen Chien (@colleen_chien) (Professor of Law). All 2022 events cosponsored by the High Tech Law Institute, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, the Artificial Intelligence Student Club.

Past Events

AI, Equity and Law, A State Perspective

3/21/22, 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm (virtual)

Guest Speaker: Vinhcent Le, Boardmember, California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) and Equity Counsel (the Greenlining Institute)

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Vinhcent LeThe AI, Equity, and Law series at Santa Clara University School of Law, curated by Professor Colleen Chien, welcomes Vinhcent Le, California technology equity legal counsel at the Greenlining Institute, and Board member of the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA), which is overseeing the implementation of the CCPA and CPRA to give a perspective on the the work of the CPPA regulating AI as it pertains to data protection, privacy, and security. Le is a prominent advocate on AI equity issues and working to close the digital divide and algorithmic biases created by businesses in California using AI for automated decision making.

3/30/22, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (virtual)

Guest Speaker: Erie Meyer, Chief Technologist, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, formerly Federal Trade Commission and White House

Erie Meyer

AI, Equity and Law, An International Perspective

4/6/22, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (virtual)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Veale, Associate Professor in Digital Rights and Regulation at University College London in the Faculty of Laws

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Dr. Michael VealeThe AI, Equity, and Law series welcomes Dr. Michael Veale (@mikarv) as he presents an overview of the EU AI Act, equitable considerations within the act, and relevant provisions and learnings from previous law. As advancements in AI Technology continue to advance rapidly, so does the need for proper regulation. Released in April 2021, The European Commission’s Artificial Intelligence Act (‘the AI Act’) proposal is significant as the world’s first comprehensive attempt to regulate AI, addressing issues such as data-driven or algorithmic social scoring, remote biometric identification, and the use of AI systems in law enforcement, education, and employment.

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