This page has two purposes.  First, it lists courses recently offered as part of the High Tech Law curriculum.  Second, we anticipate offering certain courses on a predictable schedule.  Where possible, we have indicated our expected plan.  However, courses come and go and faculty members change their plans, so this page is necessarily incomplete and subject to change.  If you really want to know if a particular course is being offered at a particular time, please contact us and we may be able to provide you with more current information about a course’s availability.

Not all courses below count for the High Tech Law Certificate or for specific specializations. Please double-check that the courses you want count towards your targeted certificate/specialization.

Note: where a course indicates it will be offered at the instructor’s discretion, we encourage you to take the course whenever you see it as its offering depends on a specific instructor’s interest and availability.


Anticipated Offering Schedule

Advanced Legal Research in IP 1x/year
Advertising and Marketing Law At instructor’s discretion
Antitrust 1x/year
Assisted Reproduction, Cloning and Genetic Engineering At instructor’s discretion
Biotechnology Law Seminar 1x every 2 years
Broadband Regulatory Clinic At instructor’s discretion
Chinese Trade and Investment Law At instructor’s discretion
Civil Practice, High Tech, and Social Justice Externship I 3x/year (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Civil Practice, High Tech, and Social Justice Externship II 3x/year (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Comparative Privacy Law 1x/year
Copyright Law 1x/year (typically Spring)
Entertainment Transactions 1x/year
Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic 3x/year (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Food and Drug Law 1x every 2 years
High Tech Law Journal 2x/year (Fall and Spring)
Intellectual Property Survey 3x/year (2x Fall, 1x Spring)
A summer offering is also likely
International Business Negotiation – Simulation At instructor’s discretion
International Business Transactions Contact the Center for Global Law & Policy for scheduling
International IP Law 1x/year (typically Spring)
International Law Contact the Center for Global Law & Policy for scheduling
Internet Law At instructor’s discretion
IP Litigation 3x/year (1x Fall, 2x spring)
IP Theory 1x/year (Fall)
Legal and Business Aspects of the Entertainment Industry 1x/year
Legal Issues of Start-up Businesses 2x/year (1x Fall, 1x Spring)
Mass Communication I: Television, Cable, Satellite Video and Convergence At instructor’s discretion
Mass Communication II: Telephone, Broadband Networks & Convergence At instructor’s discretion
Patent Prosecution 1x/year (typically Spring)
Patents 1x/year (1x Fall/1x Spring)
Privacy Law 1x/year
Rights of Publicity At instructor’s discretion
Securities Regulation 1x/year (typically Spring)
Sports Law At instructor’s discretion
Technology Licensing 2x/year (1x Fall/1x Spring)
Trade Secret Law 1x every 2 years (typically Spring)
Trademarks & Unfair Competition 1x/year (typically Spring)
Venture Capital 1x/year


Revised: 09/2018