2013 Internet Law WIP

High Tech Law Institute

Third Annual Internet Law Works-in-Progress Event

March 16, 2013
Santa Clara Law

 Presenters & Discussants
Call for Participation
Traveling to Santa Clara University
2012 Internet Law Works in Progress Event
2011 Inaugural Internet Law Works in Progress Event

The High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law and The Institute for Information Law and Policy at New York Law School are pleased to host the third annual work-in-progress series for internet law scholarship.

Schedule – Subject to Change

Time allocations: project = 20 minutes (presentation AND discussion); paper = 30 minutes (presentation AND discussion)

8:40-9:10 Continental Breakfast-Williman Room
9:10-9:15 Welcome – Williman Room

Speech #1—Parlor B

* Enrique Armijo / Kill Switches, Forum Doctrine, and the First Amendment’s Digital Future (paper)
* Ira Steven Nathenson / Super-Intermediaries, Code, Human Rights (paper)
* Jonathon Penney / Internet Censorship, Information Conflict, and the Cycle of Global Telecommunications Technologies (project)

Privacy #1—Parlor C

* Seny Kamara / Crypto-Enabled Clouds and Their Impact on Privacy and Policy (project)
* Andrea M. Matwyshyn / Bankrupting Privacy (project)
* Chris K. Ridder / Uncertainty in IP Address-based Identification: protecting the innocent internet service subscriber (project)
* Yana Welinder / Facing Real-Time Identification Applications (project)

10:35-10:50 Break

Intellectual Property—Parlor B

* Lydia Pallas Loren / Viability of $30 Casebook (paper)
* Mark Lemley, Software Patents and the Return of Functional Claiming (project)
* Carlos Andres Rubio Luna / ‘Blackstonian Copyrights’ and other -Flawed- Claims about the Early History of Copyrights (project)
* Nicolas Suzor / Collective action models in open access publishing (project)

Privacy #2—Parlor C

* Jennifer Stisa Granick / Principles for Regulation of Government Surveillance in the Age of Big Data (paper)
* Chloé S. Georas / Automated Coloniality Of Power: How Predictive Technologies Entrench The Preemptive Othering Of “Bad Communities” (paper)
* Michael L. Rich / Flipping the Murder Switch: Limits on the Perfect Preventive State (paper)



Group Photo at 1:30!


Speech #2—Parlor B

* Anjali S. Dalal / Administrative Constitutionalism and the Growth of the Surveillance State (paper)
* Felix Wu / The Ontology of Speech (paper)
* Marc Jonathan Blitz / School, Work, Speech, and CyberKant (project)

Privacy #3 and more—Parlor C

* Adam Candeub / Search Engines: Antitrust Law in the Feedback Economy (project)
* Aaron E. Ghirardelli / A proposal for the reform of the Hague Convention on the Service Abroad: Internet as a
way to increase efficiency in civil proceedings worldwide (project)
* Woodrow Hartzog / Social Data (project)
* Raizel Liebler / Out of the Public Eye?: The Interaction Between Public and Private Persona and its Implications for the Interaction between Employees and Social Media Policies (project)

3:00-3:20 Break

Speech #3—Parlor B

* Jane Bambauer / Is Data Speech? (paper)
* Anupam Chander and Uyen P. Le / The Free Speech Foundations Of Silicon Valley (project)
* John Tehranian / It’ll Break Your Heart Every Time: Baseball, the Internet and Romanticism
* Joseph A. Tomain / Commercial Speech Doctrine in the Digital Age

Cybercrime/Cybersecurity—Parlor C

* Derek Bambauer / Ghost in the Network (paper)
* Lucian Vasiu / An Analysis of Computer Crime Cases brought before U.S. Federal Courts (paper)
* Annemarie Bridy / Of Kingpins and Pirates: Seizure as a Weapon in the War on Drugs and the War on Piracy (project)

4:50-5:00 Wrap-up – Williman Room
5:00-6:30 Dinner – Williman Room

Game night!

(room assignments TBD)

Discussants: Nicholas Bramble, Scott Boone, Valentina Bratu, Colleen Chien, Ed Felten, David Friedman, Andrew Gilden, Eric Goldman, Dan Hunter, Arash Izadi, Tim Lordan, Geoffrey Manne, Stephen McJohn, Tyler Ochoa, Daniel Seng, Peter Swire, Berin Szoka, Rebecca Tushnet, Fred von Lohmann, Peter Yu

Bonus Activities

Make a weekend of your visit to Santa Clara University! In addition to the work-in-progress event on March 16, we will have several other activities of interest:

* March 15, during the day: an academic conference with a 15 year retrospective on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Attendees at the work-in-progress event will get free admission to the DMCA conference.

* March 15, evening: a dinner for speakers from the DMCA conference and attendees of the work-in-progress event

* March 15, after dinner: Game Night #1: powerpoint karaoke

* March 16, during the day: the Internet Law work-in-progress event, including breakfast, lunch and dinner

* March 16, after dinner: Game Night #2, including D & D quests

* March 17: for anyone who doesn’t have to rush off to catch a flight, Eric Goldman will lead a morning hike to a nice local hiking venue (rain will cancel the hike)

As you can see, it will be quite a fiesta all weekend. Don’t miss it!

More Information

For more information, contact Eric Goldman at egoldman@gmail.com.

The next event in the series will be held at New York Law School in Manhattan in Spring semester 2014.