Solutions to the Software Patent Problem

High Tech Law Institute

Solutions to the Software Patent Problem

November 16, 2012
Time: 8:50 – 5:30pm
Locatelli Center
Santa Clara University

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Conference Poll Summary

Normally, an academic-oriented conference would debate the merits of software patents. This conference is different. Rather than having another debate, this conference will use a premise–that software patents are a problem–as a springboard for discussing ways to address those problems. In rapid succession, patent experts at the conference will present innovative proposals (ranging from abolishing software patents to company/industry self-help), debate their relative merits, and discuss how they might be implemented. To extend the discussion, many of the speakers and other interested experts will publish short essays in describing their proposed solution and advocating for its adoption. We hope conference attendees and readers will embrace the best proposals and catalyze real action towards solving the software patent problem.

CLE: This event will qualify for 6 hours of CLE. Santa Clara Law is a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider.

Conference Resources

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Speaker Op-Eds

James Bessen, Boston University School of Law (Can New Fees Fix the Patent System? Experts Weigh In)

Colleen Chien, Santa Clara University School of Law (Tailoring the Patent System to Work for Software and Technology Patents)

Andrew Chin, University of North Carolina (Let’s Create a ‘Concrete Causation’ Standard for Software Inventions)

John Duffy, University of Virginia School of Law (Let’s Get Rid of Kludgy Patent Fixes and Define the Non-Obvious)

Mark Lemley, Stanford Law School (Let’s Go Back to Patenting the ‘Solution’, Not the Problem)

Brian Love, Santa Clara University School of Law (How PTO Fees Could Decimate Patent Trolls)

Peter Menell, UC Berkeley School of Law (Promoting Patent Claim Clarity)

Arti Rai, Duke Law School (Let’s Tame Software Patent Claims: Lessons from Bioinformatics)

Christal Sheppard, University of Nebraska College of Law (Congress (In-) Action: Resolving a Court Created Gordian Knot on Software Patents)

Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation (Giving the Software Field Protection from Patents)

Jennifer Urban, UC Berkeley School of Law (A Proposal for a Defensive Patent License)

Samson Vermont, University of Miami School of Law (No Social Harm, No Legal Foul)

Kent Walker, Google (Don’t Let Trolls Exploit Patent System Flaws)

Media Coverage

Joyce E. Cutler, “Reform, Cooperation Needed to Address Software Patent Issues”, November 2012, BNA, (BNA subscription needed to view)

David Friedman, “Solving the Patent Problem – and Much Else”, Ideas, November 16, 2012,

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(BNA subscription needed to view)

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Conference Poll Summary

Whose solution do you like best?
Panel One: Legal Reform, Part 1

Answer Percent
James Bessen 23.3%
Brian Love 37.0%
Christal Sheppard 8.2%
Colleen Chien 31.5%
Total Responses 73

Whose solution do you like best?

Panel Two: Agency Reform

Answer Percent
Peter Menell 43.0%
Arti Rai 43.0%
John Allison 9.0%
Michael Risch 6.0%
Total Responses 35

Whose solution do you like best?

Panel Three: Legal Reform, Part 2

Answer Percent
Mark Lemley 51.1%
John Duffy 35.6%
Ted Sichelman 4.4%
Samson Vermont 8.9%
Total Responses 45

Whose solution do you like best?

Panel Four: Self Help

Answer Percent
Keith Bergelt 16.7%
Jennifer Urban 47.2%
Dan Ravicher 33.3%
Wendy Seltzer 2.8%
Total Responses 36

Who delivered your favorite keynote speech?

Richard Stallman
Kent Walker
Caroline Dennison
Hon. Edith Ramirez
Hon. Paul Grewal
Pam Samuelson
Julie Samuels
Total Responses