The Loyola University Chicago School of Law Patent Law Interview Program has been postponed from its originally scheduled dates of July 23-24, 2020 to January 14-15, 2021 and will be a fully virtual interview program. This interview program targets patent law employers and 2L and 3L students from law schools across the country.

In 2019, roughly 150 employers, 190 law schools, and 1,100 law students from across the country participated in the program. The program is entirely pre-selected, which means that students submit application materials to apply to interviews with the employers they are interested in, and employers then review their materials and select the students they wish to interview at the program. Last year, approximately half of the participating students were selected for interviews.

Please note: If you previously registered for the Patent Law Interview Program in February or March of this year, YOU ARE STILL REGISTERED AND DO NOT NEED TO RE-REGISTER.

Students with undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering or a technical science should consider registering for the program. You do not need to be patent bar eligible to register, although the vast majority of employers participating in the program are seeking patent bar eligible students.

For more information on the program, please refer to the Loyola Patent Program website at:

Online student registration for this year’s Patent Law Interview Program will begin on Wednesday, August 5 and close on Thursday, August 27. PLEASE NOTE THAT LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Students can register at: STOREID=311&SINGLESTORE=true

At this stage of registration, you will only need to enter some basic information (you will upload your resume and bid on interviews later in the semester).  There is a non-refundable $40 registration fee that you must pay by credit card to complete your online registration. Please have your credit card ready when you register.  Once you have registered, the program staff will communicate with you directly via email to the address that you entered when registering for the program.