We’ve put together a chart of high tech related courses being offered in Spring 2020. View the Chart.  Although we’ve tried to make it accurate and comprehensive, please check the course offering web page for Spring 2020, http://law.scu.edu/course-schedule/, for the most current information. 

We’d also like to direct your attention to a few updates. First, Mergers & Acquisitions (251) is now an elective for the Corporate Specialization (Only). Second, Technology and Innovation in the Practice of Law (280) is now a high tech designated course.

Finally, you might find two other documents helpful to your course selections for this semester and beyond:

  • Navigating the High Tech Curriculum. This document will help you identify courses based on particular destinations you might be heading.
  • A chart showing the expected offering schedule for various courses. As usual, if you really want to take a course before you graduate and you see it offered now, take it. Life is uncertain, and so are curricular offerings.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at htli@scu.edu or stop by our offices in Charney Hall, 3rd floor, suite 313.