The Board of the Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPALF) named Santa Clara Law Professor Colleen V. Chien the recipient of the inaugural Eric R. Yamamoto Emerging Scholar Award, citing Prof. Chien’s impressive scholarship and contributions to public policy and the development of intellectual property law. Prof. Chien received the award at the 20th Annual CAPALF Conference, held at U.C. Hastings on February 2, 2013. Prof. Eric Yamamoto, an internationally renowned expert on redress and civil justice, presented the award to Prof. Chien. Congratulations to Prof. Chien for her accomplishments!


Professor Colleen V. Chien and Professor Eric Yamamoto at the 20th Annual CAPALF Conference. Professor Yamamoto presented the first Yamamoto Emerging Scholar Award to Professor Chien. He also presented her with a beautiful lei from his home state of Hawaii.