The SCU Internet Law Student Organization (ILSO) is excited to invite you to a lively discussion about JD Advantage careers in Trust and Safety. This panel is also co-presented by the Internet Law and Policy Foundry (ILPF) and the Trust and Safety Professional Association (TSPA). The conversation will explore some of the typical JD Advantage roles in Trust and Safety, explain how these roles differ from traditional counsel roles, and offer some meaningful next steps for candidates pursuing legal-adjacent careers in Trust and Safety.

November 19, 2020

5:00pm – 6:00pm

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Law schools usually focus on preparing students for traditional law firm and in-house legal positions. JD Advantage is a burgeoning career path for law students that are interested in non-traditional legal roles with cross-functional opportunities in business, communications, public policy, engineering, and more. Legal experts in Trust and Safety are increasingly in demand at Internet and technology companies. Trust and Safety offers the perfect blend of Internet law and policy, made up of teams that design, implement, and enforce the policies and practices that keep users safe and productive online. While JD advantage roles tend to fly under the radar, the reality is that they play an integral role in the development and maintenance of a company’s identity within both its consumer base and the broader public at large.

Our super star panelists will offer valuable insight into their own career paths and discuss how individuals can pursue similar JD Advantage careers in Trust and Safety at powerhouse tech companies like Facebook, Google, Neuralink, and Twitter.