On January 1, 2019, works published in 1923 will enter the public domain. It’s been over 20 years since any works published before 1978 entered the public domain. At the High Tech Law Institute (HTLI) we see this as a cause for celebration!

On January 10th we take you back to a 1923 speakeasy with our house jazz band for a costume party. Enjoy a signature cocktail, food, and some fun facts about copyright law. We’re giving away prizes for the best costumes and celebrating the public domain windfall. Law Librarian Eli “Lizzie” Edwards and Professor Tyler “the Consiglieri” Ochoa will be your hosts. Join us in the Mission Room in the Benson Center from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Register here. Email us at HTLI@scu.edu for the password to enter Lizzie’s Lounge!

On January 24th, we will screen the Harold Lloyd classic silent film starting at 3:00 pm in the Lawyers’ Lab in Charney Hall. Drop by for movie snacks and fun!

On January 25th, Student Bar Association (SBA) will host its annual talent show starting at 7:00 pm in the Mission Room in the Benson Center. Performers will be encouraged to perform songs on the public domain list. Do you know the lyrics to “Yes, We Have No Bananas”? If you do, you could be a star!

On January 30th, in collaboration with the SCU New Music Festival, we close out our celebration of Public Domain Day with a special, multi-media performance by the Santa Clara University Laptop Orchestra (SCLOrk). Conducted by Professor Bruno Ruviaro and with special commentary by Professor Tyler Ochoa, the SCLOrk will take you on a journey of music through the changes in copyright law. They will play works in the public domain as of 2019 and works that might have been, but for the many amendments to the copyright statute. See you at noon in Recital Hall!