We’ve put together a chart of high tech related courses being offered in Spring 2021. View the Chart.  Although we’ve tried to make it accurate and comprehensive, please check the course offering web page for Spring 2021, https://law.scu.edu/course-schedule/?semester=Spring+2021, for the most current information.

Trade Secrets and Rights of Publicity are two IP classes that you may want to give special consideration. Both classes are typically offered only every other year. Thus, next semester will likely be your only opportunity to take these courses before you graduate. We are also offering a brand new course next semester in Privacy & Technology.

Finally, you might find the two documents below helpful in making your course selections for this semester and beyond:

  • Navigating the High Tech Curriculum makes course recommendations for students interested in a variety of high tech law careers.
  • Also, our expected course offering schedule reports how often, and in what semester(s), high tech courses are typically offered. Nevertheless, if you really want to take a course before you graduate and you see it offered now, we strongly recommend that you take it now. Life is uncertain, and so are curricular offerings.

If you are pursuing a privacy law certificate, the following courses can be counted toward the certificate:

* Comparative Privacy Law (required)

* Criminal Procedure: Investigation

* How Engineers, Businesspeople and Lawyers Communicate

* IP Survey

* Privacy & Technology (This is a new course this year from Prof. Turrecha, and there are few if any comparable courses across the country. You will learn how to do a DPIA and some other nuts-and-bolts skills that privacy professionals routinely do. Recommended.

* Rights of Publicity

* Technology Licensing 

Please contact Prof. Eric Goldman (egoldman@gmail.com) to discuss the Privacy Certificate and/or your course selection.

Questions regarding High Tech Law Certificate courses should be directed to htli@scu.edu.