11/6, 12 – 1pm
Bannan 135


We stand at the dawn of a new era of artificial intelligence and robotics.  Automated vehicles may be the most visible near-term example, but robots and AI systems will become increasingly common.  We will work side by side with them at our workplaces.  They will entertain us and watch over the elderly and young.  They will secure our buildings and computer networks.  In upcoming decades, human –robot collaboration will become a normal everyday experience.  We will come to rely on AI for a whole host of tasks now done by humans or rudimentary software.

At the same, AI and robotics will generate numerous legal issues.  This talk will introduce you to compliance, liability, governance, and transactional legal issues associated with the design, manufacture, deployment, operation, and decommissioning of AI and robotics systems.  AI systems do not pose an existential threat to the human race today, but the potential for harm is great.  The talk will conclude with strategies to minimize the risks associated with AI and robots.

Our speaker:

Stephen Wu is an attorney and shareholder with Silicon Valley Law Group in San Jose.  Mr. Wu negotiates deals and advises clients concerning compliance, liability, privacy, security, and governance regarding emerging and mature information technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous and connected vehicles, drones, mobile computing, cloud computing, Big Data, human-computer interfaces, augmented and virtual reality, and the Internet of Things.  An author or co-author of seven IT legal books and numerous other publications, Mr. Wu served as the 2010-11 Chair of the American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law.  In 2007, he helped start the Section’s Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Committee.

Light lunch provided.


Co-sponsored by HTLI, SIPLA & ChIPs