Georgetown Law’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy and The Georgetown Law Technology Review are pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Georgetown Law Technology Student Writing Competition to encourage original writing in the field of tech law and policy.

2019-2020 TOPIC

Entrants are invited to submit papers exploring the ways in which emerging technologies and services interact with or challenge existing civil rights and consumer protection laws. 

Suggested topics include: questions relating to the adequacy of existing laws, administrative structures and processes to protect consumers and civil rights; proposals for updating legal and administrative frameworks to increase their relevance for emerging technologies; questions relating to privacy, bias, discrimination, or disparate impact on marginalized communities; the potential for technology to improve access, equity and accountability in the justice system; or subject-matter-specific legal issues arising from various applications of a technology. 

Preference will be given to papers that are relevant to current legal and public policy debates or present an original perspective. 


Up to three winners will be selected, with a First Prize of $4,000, a Second Prize of $2,000, and a Third Prize of $1,000.

Winning papers may be selected for publication in The Georgetown Law Technology Review.

More information about rules, deadlines, etc. may be found here.