Father Goda

Goda Gardens at Santa Clara Law

Paul J. Goda, S.J., 1931 – 2020, was a passionate member of the Santa Clara Law Community for 50 years. He spent forty years teaching Santa Clara Law students Contracts, Community Property, Wills & Trust, Legal Research and Jurisprudence. Following his retirement, Fr. Goda has remained active in Law School events as well as engaged with Law Alumni for family gatherings, both happy and sad, for the past ten years.

To honor Fr. Goda’s dedication to the Law School on his Golden Jubilee, we are delighted to announce the “Goda Gardens” Project as a lasting tribute to him, and invite you to join us in supporting this effort.

The Goda Gardens line the perimeter of Santa Clara Law’s new home – Charney Hall, and face the site of the Third Mission Church on campus. The area is lush with native plants as well as roses and lilies, and offers tranquil spaces to study and reflect, or simply, to take a break from the pressures of Law School life. When offering Grace and thanks at Mass and at other school gatherings, Fr. Goda has inspired many to take a moment and be grateful, therefore, this place of stillness and beauty is fitting to name after him. It has already become a popular spot as it sits just outside of the Side Bar Cafe, the Law School’s dining spot. We hope you are inspired to be a part of this special endeavor.

Alumni, staff, and friends gathered in August, 2019 for the official garden dedication ceremony with Fr. Goda. Photos and videos from the ceremony and reception are here.

We invite you to support the Goda Gardens by making a gift. For questions or tributes, please email lawalumni@scu.edu.