Private Student Loans
Private student loans may provide other source of funding for law students who have exhausted or who are ineligible for federal student loans.

Private student loan lenders have their own application and repayment terms, you should review all terms and disclosures before applying for one of these credit-based loan alternatives.

Santa Clara University School of Law does not promote nor endorse any particular private student loan lender.

IMPORTANT: You should first apply for a Federal Direct Loan or the Federal Direct PLUS Loan and then, if additional funding is needed, apply for a private student loan.

Bar Study Loans
Once you have graduated you are no longer eligible for federal financial aid so planning ahead for your bar study period is important. Bar Study Loans are loans from private lenders for the purpose of paying for bar study courses and living expenses while you study for the bar.  A Google search will yield some results for you, however we cannot recommend a lender. Be sure you understand all the terms of the loan and comparison shop for the best option. These types of loan cannot be consolidated with your federal loans and will have differing repayment terms so be sure to plan for that when budgeting for repayment.

  • Bar Exam Fees These are the charges for taking the exam. You may request to have your cost of attendance increased to include these fees, which would allow your federal student loan offer to be increased to cover the fee associated with the exam.
  • Bar Study Classes, Bar Study Materials and living expenses. These expenses cannot be included in your cost of attendance; therefore, you may consider a Bar Study Loan to help with your costs.

As you review private student loans and bar study loans, you may want to learn about costs, how to apply, types of financial aid, repayment, contact information and other terms and conditions related to financial aid.

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