Arthur Gemmell

At the conclusion of his career in international business, Art Gemmell received his J. D. (Valedictorian), an LL.M in Comparative and International Law, and an S.J.D. in International Legal Studies. He currently serves as an International Law Scholar at Santa Clara University School of Law’s Center for Global Law and Policy.

Dr. Gemmell has studied International Law at Oxford University, Aberdeen University (Scotland), and at The Institut International des Droits de L’Homme in Strasbourg, France. He is the recipient of a Practice Diploma in International Arbitration from the College of England and Wales.

Dr. Gemmell teaches Public and Private International Law, as well as International Commercial Dispute Resolution.

Dr. Gemmell has lectured on and has authored writings on the subjects of foreign investment and international arbitration. He was recently named a Fellow in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is the world’s leading professional body for promoting the settlement of disputes by arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

His book on Western and Chinese arbitration was published in 2008.


LL.M., Santa Clara University School of Law

J.D., Lincoln Law School

SJD, Golden Gate University

B.A., Hunter College

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