Azin Abedian

Azin Abedian


Professor Abedian specializes in academic and bar support programming and has taught courses such as Advanced Legal Writing: Bar Exam, Legal Analysis, Early Bar Prep, and Bar Prepare and Succeed (Bar PaS). All courses are heavily focused on academic skills with an emphasis on legal writing and legal analysis.

Prior to joining Santa Clara University School of Law, Professor Abedian worked with law students at the University of San Francisco School of Law as an Assistant Professor of Law within the department of Academic and Bar Exam Success. Specifically, she has worked with students on legal writing, time management, organization skills and stress-management. Prior to that, Professor Abedian was a Law Student Support Counselor at Golden Gate University School of Law where she was the primary advisor, providing students with direct guidance and counsel on a range of issues including, but not limited to, academic progress and program policies academic supervision requirements, and specialization certifications, as well as managing the study abroad and independent study program. Her work is dedicated to preparing students for the study and practice of law.


J.D. Golden Gate University School of Law

B.S. Business Administration San Jose State University

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