In a ranking of “Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties in 2021,” Santa Clara Law placed #63 in the nation.

Prof. Pat Cain spoke on The Jabot podcast about the book she edited, Paving the Way: The First American Women Law Professors

Prof. Colleen Chien ranked as one of the “20 Most-Cited Intellectual Property Scholars in the U.S., 2016-2020.”

In June, Prof. Stephen F. Diamond presented his “The Myth of Corporate Governance” paper at the National Business Law Scholars Conference 2021. 

Prof. Eric Goldman ranked as one of the “10 Most-Cited Law and Technology Scholars in the U.S., 2016-2020.”

On September 30, Prof. Eric Goldman will discuss his Content Moderation Remedies paper as part of the Leibniz Institute for Media Research’s Private Ordering Perspectives speaker series. 

Prof. Brian J. Love published “The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence from NPEs.” 

Prof. Don Polden published an article titled “Learning Lawyer Leadership from the Military Profession.”