Recent Works

Senior Fellow Michael Asimow and co-author Jessica Silbey released the 3rd edition of their “Law and Popular Culture” coursebook. 

Legal writing instructor Brit J. Benjamin published “Ectogenesis: Is There a Constitutional Right to Substrate-Independent Wombs?” in the University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class.

Prof. Eric Goldman published an essay, “The Crisis of Online Contracts (as Told in 10 Memes).”

Prof. David Sloss organized a symposium on “The Biden Administration and the International Legal Order.” 


Other News

On April 8, UC Berkeley School of Law is celebrating a new book, “Paving the Way: The First American Women Law Professors,” edited by Prof. Pat Cain

A review of Prof. Colleen Chien’s article, “America’s Paper Prisons: The Second Chance Gap,” says it “makes wide-ranging contributions to the field of criminal record relief.”

A TaxProf Blog review of Prof. Bradley Joondeph’s article, “The States’ Multiple Taxation of Personal Income,” says it provides “an excellent overview of the state of the law.”

Coverage of the work by Profs. Michelle Oberman, W. David Ball, and Mike Flynn to develop their open, collaborative Criminal Law casebook