Prof. Sue Guan posted a new article, “Spoofing and its Regulation.” 

Prof. Pratheepan Gulasekaram’s work on sanctuary cities was cited in an Indiana Court of Appeals ruling about the city of Gary’s “Welcoming City” initiative. 

Dean Michael Kaufman recently released 2022 editions of three books: Education Law, Policy, and Practice, Learning Civil Procedure, and Securities Litigation: Law, Policy, and Practice

Prof. Kerry Macintosh published “Heritage genome editing and cognitive biases: why broad societal consensus is the wrong standard for moving forward” in the Journal of Law and the Biosciences.

Prof. David Sloss gave a talk about his forthcoming book, Tyrants on Twitter: Protecting Democracies from Information Warfare

Prof. Stephen Smith published an article, “The Online Criminal Trial as a Public Trial.” 

The Washington and Lee Law Review published a response to Prof. Stephen Smith’s article, “The Right to a Public Trial in the Time of COVID-19.”

Prof. Gary Spitko‘s article, “How Should Non-Probate Transfers Matter in Intestacy?,” was reviewed in JOTWELL.