How Do I Get My Fall 2020 Exams Back?

Beginning in January 2021, Law Administrative Services will begin to email exam materials made available by faculty to students (once grades have posted).  Please reference the Exam Availability List, it is updated as exams are returned from faculty and prepared for distribution to students.  There are several different ways that exams are returned to students, including: 
1. Scanned PDF/Word Files
2. MC Student Score Report (Via
3. Model answer posting on Camino/by email. 

Remember: Faculty members are not required to make their exams available back to students.  If you do not see your exam on the availability list, contact your professor directly.

If you have questions regarding this process, you may email:

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what exams are available?

Check the Exam Availability List

My professor says they gave you the exams, why don’t I have it yet? 
It takes about 3-5 business days to audit the returned materials, make sure that each student has their appropriate documents then match AGID’s to student email addresses for accurate distribution.  Please be patient. 

Will I get notification that an exam is available?
Yes.  As we receive exams, we notify the class that processing has begun and when to expect the graded exam materials in your inbox by.  

There is no markup on my exam?  What am I supposed to do? 
What professors return to the LAS department, is what is returned to the student.  No more, no less. If a professor has not made any markup on your returned materials, they may prefer to discuss with you one on one.  Please reach out to your professor directly for further feedback. 

Can I give my professor my AGID to review my exam? 
Yes and no. For year-long courses, or midterms/quizzes you should not disclose your AGID to your professors.  Instead, if you wish to discuss, it is recommended you remove your identifiers and share with your faculty member if document sharing is their preferred method of review.  For semester long upper division finals, students may share with their faculty their exam document following the posting of grades. 

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