Greetings Students, 

As we approach October, it is time to begin preparations for midterms and final exams.  First, I would personally like to say thank you to our upper division students.  Thank you for your understanding, patience, and perseverance as we all navigated some unsteady waters during the initial closures and imposed restrictions due to Covid. It is the goal of administration to prioritize equity, exam integrity, and to provide an optimal testing environment.  We once again ask for your flexibility as we create exam schedules based on the changing county and university guidelines.  We continue to advocate for classroom, learning, and testing environments that will reinforce your success here at Santa Clara Law. 

There will be two different formats introduced for midterms and finals this fall:  

Synchronous Remote with In-Class Option: All exams that are labeled remote (excluding take-homes) will be held synchronously. That means there is a designated exam date/time that students will launch their exam at within Examplify simultaneously. Unlike the past 3 semesters, there is no exam window.  All exams are to be taken at the scheduled date/time.  

Exams taken outside the scheduled time require preapproval from the Office of Assessment/Office of Accessible Education.  Exams taken without pre approval at any time other than the scheduled date will be considered late, and faculty may exercise full discretion in grading.  

It is understood that, at times, it is difficult to create the ideal testing environment at home.  Therefore, arrangements have been made to provide all synchronous remote exams with a designated testing room in Charney Hall. These rooms will be monitored periodically by proctors and recorded for security purposes.  Exam content will be included in each Examplify file.

For example, a 9:00AM exam room will open at 8:30AM for students to prepare to take their exam. The doors will close at 9:00AM to avoid any disruption to the exam takers present. Any exam taken on campus will have access to the Head Proctor, Janelle Atangan, and on-site technical support. 

In-Person: These are exams that are scheduled and fully proctored in an exam room. Proctors read exam instructions, launch the exam, and monitor for the entirety of the exam length. Proctors will give a five- and one-minute warning and will close the exam with technical support present. Exam content is not included in the Examplify files and is instead provided in hard copy by proctors. Students will write and submit their exam answers in the Examplify software. 

Now that we have established the language, here is the plan for fall:

1L Students

All first year courses will have midterms and finals held in-person.  This means all of your assessments will be held in-person in Charney Hall. Attached are both your midterm and final exam schedules.  Exam rooms are tentative as they may change to accommodate proctoring needs.  Please be on the lookout for exam updates, plan accordingly.  Exam rules and procedures can be found in the student bulletin and the law school website.  

2L Students enrolled in Constitutional Law I

Constitutional Law I will be the only upper division course that will be administered as an in-person exam.  All 2L students enrolled in Con Law I should mark Dec 2, 2021 in their calendars and watch for future emails regarding the rules and procedures regarding sitting for an in-class exam.  

Remaining Upper Division Courses

All upper division courses (excluding Con Law I) will be held in a synchronous remote format at the date/time scheduled on the course schedule. These are the same dates/times listed at the time of your registration. 

Again, different from the past semesters in which we utilized the remote option, we will also have dedicated exam rooms available for students to sit in should they choose to still come to campus to take exams in a monitored room (each exam will be assigned a room(s) and will start at the published time).

The exam schedule will be published mid-October, after this office has received professor exam logistics & formats.  That schedule will be published on the SCU Law Exams webpage.  

Midterm Checklist Information

You should have received your Examplify credentials from Michael Flynn of Student Services this week. Examplify is the testing software we use to administer graded assessments here at Santa Clara Law and is also the software used by the CA Bar. We are grateful we are able to familiarize you with this software to add a layer of preparedness. Once you have received your credentials, it is vital that you complete the following steps:

1. Make sure your laptop meets all minimum requirements to take an exam successfully. 

System requirements for Mac:

System requirements for  Windows:

If your machine does not meet these requirements, we cannot guarantee your ability to take your exam on your laptop.  We do not provide loaner machines nor can we reschedule due to technical issues.

2. Run the all provided Mock Exams in Examplify 

Log in to the Examplify software to download, take, and upload all the different Mock Exams.  Be sure you receive exam upload confirmation emails.  Successful uploads of these exams confirms to you that your computer is in working order for your assessment.
The password to access each of these exams is: bronco5

If you experience any issues, contact Law Technology (Charney 111) and the team will assist you!

3. Examplify Exam Tools

Located on the webpage are navigation instructions on how to locate spell check and word count in Examplify along with other useful features.  Make sure you know how to access these in your mock exams! You can access exam information on the Current Students page under Exam Information.  It is your responsibility to know how to use the software.  If you have questions, see Law IT prior to the exam.

4. (In-Class) Know your AGID Number

You must know your 4 digit Anonymous Grading ID (AGID) to sit for an exam.  Please go to ECampus and make note of your AGID before the exam period begins.  This is how we identify you during the exam period.  Here’s how to find out that info: 

  1. Navigate to

  2. Login.Your username is “W” followed by the last seven digits of your 11-digit campus ID. 

  3. Click on the “Academics” pane.

  4. On left click “Law Students View Blind ID

Never disclose your AGID to your Professor.

5. Exam Room Etiquette

Remember you are responsible for knowing and upholding all of the law school exam policies. Be courteous to your fellow test takers, Please remember:  

  1. For midterms, arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure a prompt start time/login to Examplify.

  2. No aromatic foods are permitted in the exam room. Your proctor will ask that you dispose of it outside.  Water, granola bars etc are ok.   

  3. No strong colognes/perfumes or essential oils. Be courteous to other people’s sensitivities. Do not wear any scents the day of an exam. 

  4. No hoods/ear covers or hats that cover your ears.

  5. No programmable watches. 

  6. Be sure to sit in every other seat when possible.

  7. Cell phones must be turned off and placed in the front of the room. All vibrating bags will be put in the hallways by your proctor until they can be picked up by a staff member to minimize distractions. 

  8. No materials that are not explicitly listed by your professor are permitted for use during your exam.

6. Access Cards/Identification

You must present your Student ID (Access Card) at each exam. If you have lost yours, you need to go to the Access Card Office in Benson to get a replacement ASAP.  You will be sent to the Exam Coordinator in the atrium if you are found without an Access Card the day of the exam.  No extra time will be given if this causes a delay to the start of your exam.

7. Power/Technology

Bring your power cords to your exam.  Make sure you have a well charged battery and bring a power cord as an emergency power source. IT does not provide cords or batteries.  If you experience a technical issue during the exam, you will be given a blue book to hand write your exam while tech does their best to fix your computer issue. You will not be given extra time  due to computer problems.  Yes, I know not all the classrooms have enough plugs – We continue to do all we can to remedy this. 

The Exam Team is here to help! Student Services, Administrative Services, Law Technology,  and many other departments hit pause to make sure all hands are on deck to support you. Stop by the Exam Coordinator Desk in the atrium on exam days with any questions or shoot me an email.

8. Alternative Testing

If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, you should be registered with the Office of Accessible Education and must have been approved for accommodations by that office.  Do not disclose it to your professor.  This office requires at least 2-3 weeks of notice to complete registration appointments and processes to accommodate students during their exams.

Students with alternative testing accommodations will receive an email from this office one week prior to their scheduled exam with location and time instructions.

Emergency Contacts: Program into your phone for future use:

Janelle Atangan (Head Proctor): or (408) 554-5137
Law Technology: Located Charney 111 (408) 554-5762 computer hardware issues etc. Examsoft Technical Support: In addition to our tech team, Examplify user support is available for any sort of tech issues at (866) 429-8889, (954) 429-8889 Support available 24 hours a day.
Nicole Maxwell (Assistant Dean): or (408) 554-4677
Minh Virasak (Sr. Dean Student Services) or (408) 554-4677

Please reach out to any member of the team with questions!  

Best of luck,

SCU Law Exam Team

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