Eleven Easy Pieces was the name of the women’s law school flag football team. This team thrived in the late 70’s to the mid 80’s. The team also included one faculty member, Professor Kandis Scott. Many former members of the Eleven Easy Pieces are now prominent lawyers and legislators.

To commemorate the team, former members and coaches have contributed toward the Eleven Easy Pieces fund. Earnings from this fund may be awarded based on merit, need and contribution to the law school’s spirit and student body. The amount awarded will vary depending on the availability of funds and the number of recipients selected for the scholarship. (Note: students receiving full-tuition scholarships are not eligible.)

To apply, complete this form, sign below and attach a personal statement of no more than two pages outlining why you believe you should receive the Eleven Easy Pieces Scholarship. Also describe activities where you have demonstrated your contribution to the law school spirit and student body.

Submit this form and your personal statement via e-mail at LawFinancialAid@scu.edu by the application deadline of January 28, 2019.