Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic – Services

The ELC is a transactional clinic, in that ELC students work on transactions crucial to startup companies, such as business entity formation, financing, operational contracts, company policy, website terms of service, and intellectual property licensing. Please note that although the ELC can take on projects relating to intellectual property contracts, the ELC does not file patent, trademark, or copyright registration, and does not do litigation (lawsuits). Some example projects that the ELC offers are:

  • counseling as to business entity choice and forming the business entity
  • assisting with friends and family or “seed round” investments
  • drafting an agreement amongst founders or shareholders of a business
  • creating a template non-disclosure agreement
  • drafting an employment agreement or independent contractor agreement
  • performing research on a legal or compliance issue and providing accompanying advice
  • creating terms of service for a web page or mobile software application
  • drafting or reviewing an agreement relating to company business operations (e.g. joint development agreement, advertising agreement, customer agreement)
  • drafting a company policy and procedure document relating to a legal or compliance issue

Please keep in mind that because these students are on a learning curve, it is difficult to support legal projects which are highly time-sensitive. We intend that students will have completed their projects for clients by the end of the semester.  Faster turn-around times are difficult to accommodate. We also ask that all ELC clients make a commitment to be promptly responsive to students’ emails and meeting requests during the semester, to ensure continuous progress on client projects.

Because we are a California clinic, it would be preferable that ELC clients and the projects have some connection with California and ideally some connection with Santa Clara University, but there can be exceptions on a case by case basis.

We hope that the ELC can be a valuable resource to your business and look forward to receiving your application. As a reminder, please do not send any confidential information in your application or otherwise provide any confidential information to the clinic. Until we have signed a formal engagement letter with you, we are not your lawyers.