Message from Santa Clara University Acting President Lisa Kloppenberg

Diversity at Santa Clara Law

Santa Clara University School of Law has a long history of promoting diversity and inclusion among its students, faculty, and staff. Our commitment to a multicultural learning environment is reflected in many ways, from diverse and engaged faculty members, to supportive student services, to our vibrant student organizations. With our dynamic network of alumni and friends, we work together to mentor and encourage our students.

At Santa Clara Law, we define diversity broadly by incorporating as many different interests, backgrounds, and experiences as possible. The diversity of our community—including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, political leanings, religious beliefs, age, language, and geography—together with our Jesuit-focused mission of social justice, helps to create a rich environment that is unique to Santa Clara Law.

Lisa A. Kloppenberg
Acting President, Santa Clara University