October 6, 2022

Dear Members of the Santa Clara Law Community,

As we usher in a season of reflection, renewal, and righteousness, I would like to take a moment to wish you and your families L’Shana Tovah—a new year filled with health, happiness, joy, justice, peace, and wholeness.

We have many things to be grateful for, including the inauguration of Santa Clara University’s new President, Dr. Julie Sullivan. At the Law School, too, the theme of renewal is apropos as we welcome new initiatives and as our alumni return to Charney Hall for this year’s Law reunion.

As part of our Law School’s ongoing mission to promote inclusivity, we have officially launched our new part-time Flex J.D. program. The program was created to make law school more accessible to aspiring attorneys from all walks of life, especially those whose work or family commitments might have otherwise prevented them from attending law school. Designed with greater flexibility to meet the holistic needs of our students, the program offers prospective lawyers the same world-class education and networking opportunities that are the hallmarks of Santa Clara Law.

More salient than ever is the theme of righteousness, as demonstrated by the wonderful work the Law School’s social justice programs have accomplished. Last week, the Katharine & George Alexander Center held its 2022 Virtual Celebration, honoring the Community, Commitment & Courage that has gone into its work over the past year. Tonight, our Northern California Innocence Project–a beacon of renewal, justice, and reconciliation–will be hosting its annual Justice for All Awards Gala at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco.

Tomorrow, I look forward to connecting with you all at the Law Reunion, where we will be inducting the class of 1972 into the Ruffo Society. Reunion will be a time to commemorate the lifelong bonds forged at Santa Clara Law and to celebrate the incredible achievements our alumni have made over the years.

With warm regards and tremendous gratitude,

Michael J. Kaufman