How will classes run?

  • Safety of our community is paramount.
  • We are currently working on various contingencies so we are well equipped to respond to this dynamic situation.
  • Summer classes will be entirely online. We are pleased to offer a more robust summer course schedule than usual, allowing you to stay on track and satisfy your experiential learning requirements.
  • For fall, upper-division classes will continue to be entirely online.  We do not know today what access upper-division students will have to the building and facilities such as the library or study rooms. 
  • We will prepare for a fully online semester to ensure that we are ready if that is what is necessary. Specific technology requirements are below. Generally, students should expect to have access to steady a broadband internet connection, a computer with a microphone and camera, and a quiet place to attend online classes. Professors may expect you to participate live.
  • Registration for fall 2020 will take place as usual, the week of June 8.
  • Exams will be conducted in person or online depending on the situation at the time.

Can I live outside the area and attend virtually?

  • Yes. We understand that it may not be possible or safe to secure housing near campus. Students will have the option to remain where they are, and attend classes for the remainder of 2020 online.
  • Classes will take place on Pacific time. While you may remain where you are in a different time zone, classes will take place on Pacific time.
  • If the situation changes, and we can hold all classes on campus in spring, we will let you know with enough time to plan.

Will campus housing be available?

  • We do not know, and the University will be making decisions throughout the summer. We know that most law students were not able to secure summer 2020 housing, and so we advise off-campus housing options to minimize disruption. It may also be safer, as campus housing may have shared facilities.

What technology do I need to accommodate online learning?

  • Steady access to a broadband internet connection.
  • Please see minimum laptop requirements on our page here.
  • A camera and microphone so you can participate fully in class. Most laptops are equipped with a camera. If not, we recommend Logitech as a brand. Webcams include a built-in microphone, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing an additional microphone.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Law Technology helpdesk (

What can I expect from Student Services? The Office of Academic and Bar Success? The Office of Career Management (OCM)? Financial Aid?

  • We are dedicated to providing the same level of support from all these offices. Please continue to reach out for support, including this summer.
  • OCM:
    • If you plan to participate in On Campus Interviews (OCI), the dates have moved from late July/early August to mid January (tentatively January 14-16, 2021-Thursday – Saturday of MLK weekend). To see what types of employers typically come through OCI, please click here.
    • OCM has a lot of resources on our website. If you come across a password protected webpage, the password is “broncos.”
    • OCM is available for 1:1 (virtual appointments) all summer. Sign up on SCULawJobs. We also send a weekly newsletter with information, resources, and application deadlines. Read it!
    • If you are looking for summer opportunities, make sure you’ve uploaded your resume to the resume books online so we can share your resume when we hear of summer projects. We’ve already sent 75 resumes for 13 projects so far.

Will there be any tuition reduction due to lack of services?

  • There is no plan to reduce tuition at this time. The University sets tuition for all the colleges, including the Law School.

Will there be any major changes to Financial Aid?

  • Financial Aid applications and payment are taking place normally.
  • We highly recommend enrolling in direct deposit as the most efficient way to get a refund (where applicable). The alternative is a check that is mailed to you which can cause delays in getting your aid at the start of the term. Visit for more information.
  • Your cost of attendance will not change whether you are able to move to the area or not. Cost of attendance does not have an on-campus, off-campus, or at-home budget component. You will have the same cost of attendance as if you were here.
  • If you must buy new tech to accommodate online classes, we are able to adjust the cost of attendance aspect of your financial aid to purchase a new computer for school if you submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal with the required documentation. This will result in increased loan eligibility that you can use. There are no grants or scholarship increases for computer costs.