Summer Abroad: English Legal Institution Seminar

Catalog No.: 894

Course Description:

To complement its three-unit tutorial offering, the Santa Clara University School of Law Oxford Summer Abroad Program offers a two-unit course educating students about English legal systems and institutions and other comparative law topics.

Students attend a series of lectures on selected topics, each given by a distinguished legal scholar, take three field trips, and write a paper. The six lectures will cover the following topics: introduction to English land law; the nature of parliamentary sovereignty in the United Kingdom; deconstructing environmental law; European employment law applied to the emerging “gig” economy; challenges to English privacy law; transitional justice.

The field trips expose you to the world famous Bodleian Library in Oxford, the Oxford criminal court, and legal institutions located in London (the U.K. Supreme Court, the Royal Courts of Justice, the Inns of Court). No advance preparation is required for the lectures or the field trips, but students must write a paper. The paper, which must focus in greater depth on a subject treated in one of the seven lectures, will be due four weeks after the program ends. One of the co-directors will evaluate and assign a grade to the paper that, together with attendance at the lectures and field trips, will determine your grade for the seminar. Missing any of the lectures or missing a field trip will adversely affect the grade.

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