Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing for International LL.M. and Exchange Students

Catalog No.: 376

Course Description:

This course will introduce international LL.M. and exchange students to legal analysis, writing, and research in the U.S. legal system.  In it, students take the role of U.S. lawyers or judges analyzing hypothetical cases and conveying that analysis in writing and orally, culminating in an oral presentation before an appellate court. The course will introduce students to the U.S. legal system, IRAC analysis, U.S. legal research, and legal citation.  It will also include practice in reading and briefing court decisions in the common law system and synthesizing the rules from various sources for application to a new set of facts. Students will receive extensive written comments on their work and will be able to meet regularly with the professor. We will also make site visits to U.S. courts and legal institutions and have the opportunity to speak with judges and lawyers there.