Leadership for Lawyers

Catalog No.: 521

Course Description:

This course examines the unique role of the Lawyer as a Leader and prepares students for leadership roles and responsibilities in many aspects of the practice of law, in business, in government and in other occupations.  The course explores the major theories of leadership in order to prepare students to understand and prepare for complex leadership roles—in law firms, the courts, public service and others—and draws on a substantial body of leadership literature in developing this background knowledge.  The course also permits students to bridge leadership concepts to leadership actions by examining the leadership roles of lawyers in many settings.    Importantly, the course will assist students in identifying and enhancing their leadership skills, knowledge and ability as well as related competencies and skills such as decision-making, team-work and team-building, project management.

Students will be graded on their engagement in the subject matter, including projects and papers assigned during the semester.  Students may, with permission of instructor, elect to take the course Credit/No Credit.


Leadership for Lawyers Fall 2022